KOMINE JK-63 Titanium Riding Jacket

    Details & Description

    Product Name : KOMINE JK-63 Titanium Motorcycle Riding Jacket

    KOMINE JK-63 Titanium Motorcycle Riding Jacket R-Spec is a High-end Textile mesh jacket featuring Titanium Slider on both shoulders and Aerodynamics pad on the back.

    Massive use of Shirring and Stretch panel throughout the body, realizing motility of Racing suit transfer. In addition to the elbow, the New Model of KOMINE JK-63 Titanium Motorcycle Riding Jacket R-Spec has CE Hard protector as standard equipment on the back, further refining the protection and performance. The Adjuster on the shoulder and waist can make it Race Fit to any body size.

    The KOMINE JK-63 Titanium Motorcycle Riding Jacket R-Spec has removable moisture permeable Waterproof Liner which is a standard equipment for pocketable spec. Also Connectable with Pants equipped with Connection zipper (only when the same size is used for both the top and bottom)

    Size Available : L , XL ,XL, XXL

    NOTE: Japanese sizes are smaller. If you are from Europe, America, India, South Asia, Africa or Australia, please chose one size larger. For example if your size is M, then chose a L size.


    Outer titanium shoulder armor and aerodynamic hump

    Stretch panels on the shoulder and arm areas provide a comfortable, snug fit

    All hard armors on the impact zones (protectors certified to EN1621.1 standard on elbow and shoulder)

    New version of JK-052

    Made to perfection Racing fit

    Jacket-pants fastening system

    Removable waterproof liner


    SK-636 KOMINE CE Protector S

    SK-635 KOMINE CE Protector E/K

    SK-679 CE Back Inner Protector

    SK-619 Inner Chest Guard

    Titaniun shoulder armour

    Aerodynamic race hump



    Elbow adjuster

    Velcro adjuster

    LED unit

    Waist support padding

    Removable waterproof lining (pocketable)

    Connection zipper (jacket-pants fastening system

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