KOMINE JK-079 Air Stream M-JKT 3D

    Details & Description

    Product Name : Komine JK-079 Air Stream M-JKT 3D

    Ideal textile and 3D mesh combo jacket with CE certified armors at shoulder, elbow and back (SK-689 at the chest).

    ・ Elastic 3D mesh panels at chest and back offer excellent airflow.

    ・ Elastic 3D mesh pocket for the back armor provides maximum airflow between the torso and inside the jacket.

    ・ Ladies sizes come in with SK-682 ladies chest guard

    ・ Copy protection technology label attached


    ・ SK-636 KOMINE CE Protector S SK-687 Beetle S

    ・ SK-635 KOMINE CE Protector E/K SK-687 Beetle S

    ・ SK-685 CE Back Guard Light

    ・ SK-689 Inner Chest Guard SF SK-682 Ladies Chest Guard

    ・ Shirring

    ・ Adjuster

    ・ Velcro adjuster

    ・ Reflective panel

    ・ 3D mesh panel

    ・ 3D mesh panel(lining side)

    ・ Connection zipper

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